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Nathan Horn was a lad of 10 to 13 years of age when the slave ship took him from his parents and from his native West Africa. He along with his two brothers Jeff and John ( their slave names ), remembered waving to their parents as the ship left port coming to America. The ship docked unloading it's human cargo in Shreveport Louisiana where Nathan was sold and served as a slave. By all recollection, Nathan worked in his masters house where he was well fed. He was taught to read and because of his fine physique, standing 6 feet tall, when he was old enough he became a part of the masters breeder stock. Soon after slavery Nathan moved to Galveston Texas, then to Clearview Oklahoma. He married ( wife's name unknown ) and fathered eight children, Nathan Jr., Cornelius, Ophelia, Mary, Mahalia, John, Anna and Marteal. No one remembers what happened to his wife, but that she was no longer there. After a while Nathan Sr. had saved up enough money from farming for him and his two youngest children to travel back to Africa in an attempt to locate his family. He left the other children in the hands of his oldest daughter Mary. He gave each of them a gold coin. When he returned from his visit he married a woman named Sally from Arkansas. He died in 1926 and is buried in Clearview Oklahoma Cemetery. His brother Jeff was a lawyer in Clearview and his brother John a farmer in Gallolee Oklahoma.

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Horn, Butler, McGee, Rowan, Carson, Jones, Tamplin, Lendow, Normore, Loggins, Harris and Carson.

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